Thu, 31st May   4

Gym is crowded right now so i’m going over my may goals now. 

1.  23/31 days. Not bad but not 6 days a week. I was sick and going thru a lot this month. I’m ready to make this a goal for June. 

2.  Eh. yes and no. I started out right but i don’t i made it every day. 

3. Nope. Hahaha i’m redoing week 2 (again) since for the past two weeks it has been horrible. I will finish!

4. Eh i kinda tried Capoeira for like 20 min and went to zumba. That counts right?!

5. woah hello self who have you become? I  only had drinks one night this month?!!!!!!! That is crazy. 

6. Eh. when i was sick i didn’t and when i was have a horrible four days last week. But for the most part yes.

7. No. Sleep schedule is all out wack.

8. I had plans to go then….BAM sickness.

Overall i didn’t do that well. I also lost 4 pounds this week but it’s been a horrible month for me. It’s june tomorrow. Let’s do this.  

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