My view with the bff

Been drankin #beyonce #ontheruntour #love #bff #me

Wed, 30th July   11

Waitin in line like…. #beyonce #ontheruntour

Waiting to get in with the best people in the world.

Pre funking and celebrating completing our 44 miles before @beyonce and Jay-Z #treatyoself #beyonce #ontherun #ontheruntour #drinks #applemartini

Wed, 30th July   47

To the anon who told me I would look prettier with makeup… Here you go fucker!



WE DID IT! WE MTHFKN DID IT!!!!!! 44/44 miles DONE! find-greatness WE KILLED THAT SHIT! Now let’s go TREAT OURSELVES and dance/ sing our hearts out at the Bey-Z concert!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!

God this challenge was tough at first but I grew in strength! So glad I stuck with it! It’s been a journey and I hope their are many more challenges to come, I love progress!

Yay! I’m so proud of us!!!

Wed, 30th July   37

And it’s straight.

Wed, 30th July   21

Let’s see if I can straighten this mess.
It’s been months and might as well do it for queen bee! See you in like an hour

Wed, 30th July   2584
Wed, 30th July   5548
Wed, 30th July   1124
Wed, 30th July   16

✓ Ran 4 miles in 48 minutes

With this run my #ontherun challenge is complete! 44 miles in 22 days! For the runs I missed I did a 4miler like today!

feels good and it’s makes me more excited for the concert tonight! 👑🐝👯

Side note: mile 2 was all down hill. I’m not counting it as my fastest mile but it was a non stop 10minutes!

Logged on Cody

#goodmorning #viewfrommyrun #mile3 #tacoma #waterfront (at Ruston Way)

Wed, 30th July   16610